Listening to Young People - UWE

Creative Direction/ Dialogue Recording/ Music Composition/ Sound Design

I am extremely proud of this film that was created as an educational tool for the University of the West of England’s ‘Step Up to Social Work’ post-graduate course. I worked in the capacity of creative director alongside the producer, Susan Walton, to realise her concept of recording the real views and opinions of young people in care, and turning these into an animation that could be used to inform, educate and inspire social work students to improve their practice by listening and putting the child first.

This project was produced over several months from mid 2018 to early 2019, beginning with Susan visiting groups of young people in care and discussing the issues that were important to them. We then arranged a session where I recorded the young people’s responses to interview questions that were devised after the initial meetings.

I then worked with talented animators Hend & Lamiaa, Susan and UWE consultants Jane Dalrymple and Anna Elliott to bring the final animation together.

Client: UWE

Animation: Hend & Lamiaa

Production: Susan Walton

Consultants: Jane Dalrymple & Anna Elliott